A woman from Orlando , Florida ,
United States , has been accused of
fatally stabbing her 11 - year- old
daughter more than a dozen times,
and killing the child in the process
because she wanted to “ prevent her
from having sex” with multiple men.
Rosa Rivera, 28 , was arrested and
charged with first- degree murder in
the death of her daughter , Aleyda,
after she drove up to an Orlando
hospital with her already dead child in
the front passenger seat, authorities
said .
Rivera, who told first responders “ my
baby is gone ,” was detained by
hospital security when she pulled out a
bloodied knife , the Orlando Sentinel
reported .
According to authorities , the child had
suffered 15 stab wounds to her back
and a defensive wound to her right
arm .
“ These cases are horrific and tragic ,”
Orange County Sheriff, John Mina , told
reporters during a press conference.
“ And then to know that the child was
killed by a mother , whereas basically,
a mother is the first line of defence to
what is sometimes a very cruel world.
It. is very hard on all of us,” Mina said .
Police officials said that before Rivera
stabbed her daughter , she took the
child to a Citadel Drive home , where
she accused her boyfriend of having
sex with the girl.
Rivera said she believed her daughter
was having sex with men because she
“ smiled different ,” according to an
arrest affidavit , ClickOrlando. com
reported .
Witnesses told investigators that the
girl denied having sex, and Mina said
authorities do not believe that the
child was sexually abused , according
to the news outlet .
“ Based on what we know and what
we ’ve found so far, we believe that
part to be false, ” Mina said . “ We are
doing everything we normally do in
those types of allegations,
investigations, to unfound that