Corruption has gone deep in so many Nigerians. The president realizes that the battle against corruption is not yet won which is true to some extent because corruption diagnoses why the country still remains the way it is, Corruption is the major reason why people are in so much hardship. The best way to change the state of this nation is to fight any form of corruption and we all need to take part in the process of eradicating corruption regardless of culture, religion, political party or ethinc groups.
Corruption have been so endemic in the country it goes deep and deep down into the flesh of this nation which has caused the death of many Nigerians.

Nigerian can be corruption free nation, there are still some people who are not even religious but they just have self discipline, honesty they don’t have to go to church or mosque, very intensive focus on corruption in my opinion should start from primary and secondary schools, curriculum should be created for all primary and secondary schools to  change the mindset of the young people. If we don’t take it from the grass root, its going to be difficult because sincerely the people at the top who have benefitted so much from corruption for a very long time are not likely to change.

Also a body of Nigeria corruption citizens should be set up to monitor the EFFC and ICPC because sometimes they feel that they are all in all and they might not be doing the right thing.