Human trafficking, Rape and Abuse

//Human trafficking, Rape and Abuse

The court gathered that Odi had three young victims around the age of 13 and 14, who were lured from the streets by recruits. His victims comes from poor background which makes them vulnerable.

After been taken, these girls were forced to smoke a drug called “rocks”, which was manufactured and sold by Odi.

It was mentioned to the court by the girls how they were taught to smoke the drug by one of Odi’s co-accused, Nomsa Hlalele, after Odi himself raped these girls “to teach them the tools of the trade” as an initiation into the sex trade.

The victims were locked up in the house for the duration of their stay, while Odi send his workers to prowl the streets for prospective clients. They were also locked up in a dungeon under the floor of the house whenever the police raided the house.

The girls were paid for their prostitution by means of drugs and they got hardly any food.

The court also heard evidence that some police officials were bribed to turn a blind eye as to what was happening in the brothel. Judge Ranchod said that on the other hand, these girls were saved by other SAPS officials who took their work seriously.

Odi, who was convicted on 24 of the 29 charges against him, sat emotionless as Judge Ranchod told him “You were the kingpin.”  The judge also commented that Odi was aggressive at times in court and he even threatened his co-accused.

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