When you carry out some corrupt practices, you are simply saying somebody is more important than another. When somebody’s right is denied him, you are shoeing him that he’s not cherished, he’s not an esteem person and you are putting somebody above him. yet, in this very religious nation, you need to understand the value of a woman life. A human being is worthy only because he’s created in the image of God. No one from the president to the proper…. is more important than the other and life itself our birth and our death show this. The way the proper is going to die is the way the rich man is going to die. The way the proper comes into the world through a woman’s womb is the way a president of a nation comes in into the world. God has shown this that we are all very valuable before him. If I have a right and you deny me, you demean my value. If you give what belongs to me to somebody then you also demean my value and put that person above me. This is wrong. This is sinful. This is inhuman. We should treat each person the same way. It’s an aspect of corruption if you start showing favouritism. Your brother or your child is the one that is not qualified for that thing and you give it to him. You are teaching him to lower the value of others. You are teaching him that others are less important. You are sending a message and this is not a kind of message that the society wants. We must recognize that in the civilized world, everybody is treated equal. This is why they prosper; this is why they are rich. In America, the human value is pout on the same pedestal. Now most Nigerians want to go to America. If they ruin that country through corruption, through favouritism, then nobody wants to go there. We can make Nigeria the America of Africa because we have the human resources which is exactly what the nation needs to grow. America never had resources, only recently had they discovered oil which they are trying to now begin to use. What they had was human power, intelligent people and because there was no corruption and there was quality, the growth begins to come. That’s why that country has ruled this world for more than 40, 50 years without resources because you don’t need oil. Actually the oil that we have is a curse, most inheritances are curses. Even if you can’t use the inheritance properly that is the oil, then we have the intelligence. This is the country with the highest population of educated black people on this planet. In America or anywhere you go in Europe, if you are a Nigerian they ask how many masters you got. Nigerians are very brilliant people. If the environment is enabling and conducive, if nobody think that well, no matter what I do I can’t even make it in this country unless I steal or something. Then, we can make a very very good nation. This nation has the potential to be very great and powerful but corruption is the other of the day.
We should demeaning human value. Things like this person is an Oba, this person is an elder, this person is a professor, this person is this and all these titles, doctor, chiefs so so so… This is the only country in the world as far as I know and I don’t have my right information for this. People have some other appellations before their names. Doctor, professor, pastor, pharmacist, surveyor, engineer so so so so. This is madness. This title is madness and it’s also to me part of the corruption because you are saying that well, I can’t be Mr so so so or mrs so so so as it is done in all the countries of the world. I want to be something else, I want to be chief mrs. When you start getting all these titles, they come with some level of corruption and then they also come with some level of quality of life which you need to service in most cases through corrupt means. Every Nigerian must come to a great understanding of a fact. You are not better than any other person. You have the same quantity of blood, the same head, two hands, two kidneys, one liver. God didn’t create you different but corruption makes you feel oh! I’m very different, I’m in a class, I’m in a group. This is evil and begins to see yourself only as been created in the image of God and the people you are making to suffer, the people you are demeaning, the people you are excluding are simply human beings like you. You are not special, you are not different. You may have more opportunities in life but that doesn’t make you different. I know this very clearly when I was young, I couldn’t pass into a secondary school and somebody, a member of my family was so brilliant that he had to go and sit the exam for me in that corrupt system. When I invariably went for the interview, I couldn’t succeed. Today, I have been to the university, I have degrees and this man never has the opportunity of going beyond primary six in those days. He was a carpenter because that’s the best the father could provide for him. Would I say that I was much better than this person? If this man had had the same opportunity that I have had, he definitely would have been far much better than me in this world at the moment. What makes me think am better? I am not. This is what we need to understand.