I think this is one area of the African values that has brought in so much corruption. Infact to me, it’s one major area that must change. It’s a culture of ignorance. As you built in to the devil what the devil himself is not doing. People commit evil and crime and they blame it on the devil. They steal and they tell people that the devil made them to do it. A man who commits a crime of sleeping and abusing a little child who is like a baby. Then he says; you know the devil made me to do it and ignorant people believe this. We are in a modern world and nobody should hide under the cluck of ignorance to do and commit atrocities and corruption. One of the things that makes a man unique is his ability to make decisions. This is because you have a will and you determine your life by the decisions you make through that particular will of yours. A culture in which everything is said to be caused by the devil is not only foolish, it’s wicked. At one time the president of this country was talking about the devil when he came to the issue of electricity in this great Nation. What an absurd statement! What corruption! Because it seems to me as if this is a way of covering up the corruption. Even if there is a devil doing it, you need to just take away the instrument of the devil and then you can solve the problem. This culture of the devil consciousness is not allowing the Government to be proactive or an individual for that matter to take responsibility for his action. You are responsible for anything you do. Good or bad, it’s your will and you have to receive the consequences for such. Now, every Nigerian ought to know that the devil is very real. We all agree with that. It’s as much real as God is but don’t try to exploit people by sitting under the cluck of; oh! The devil made me do it …. Or it’s the work of the devil. A man commits adultery and he says the devil made him to do it. The only thing the devil can do for you is to the place of adultery but you are the one who is going to check if somebody was coming, you are the one to remove your pants and commit the sin yourself, it’s not the devil. Even Eve recognized that it wasn’t the devil that made her to do it even though it was directly the devil, but God punished her, Adam and the devil himself for that very sin.