This is one terrible mindset that makes somebody who is meant to be an advocate of the truth to give up after some trials. You may look at the Nigerian situations, and see it as very hopeless. In all sincerity, you look relatively hopeless, especially when you look at the so many problems upon problems that needs to be solved and the attitude of people towards solving such problems. No doubt, there are people who have been set up by God or by their experiences to make a change in this society. You may have been one of them and then you are discouraged because you see that no effort of yours is successful. As a result of this, you are even poor, you don’t have what your mates have because you are standing for a corrupt free society. Perhaps because of your religious inclination or other reasons, you have decided not to join them. I want to encourage you to keep on doing what God has called you to do. I believe that there would be reward sooner or later. Therefore, don’t try to join the people in government, don’t take money from them, and don’t take things from them.

Usually what people in government often do is that they try to bring in somebody who criticizes them. Either rightly or wrongly, you find that these people sooner or later begin to talk like them, dresses like them, think like them. Maybe he’s perhaps been blinded by the money they give him or that he gets into the government and finds that it’s an unchangeable frustrating situation, then he gives up and join the bad wagon of corrupt leaders. Now, let’s face it. If you are going to change a society in any form, there is a price to pay. But as you look into the reward most temporarily and eternally, you would have a motivation for keeping on. You may not see the success of your activity in your life time, but you are trying to leave a legacy. You are trying to contribute your God’s given talent to the progress of the society. If you are really incline towards societal values and change, you are obviously one in the minority and therefore it would be disastrous if you ever take a position of service from the government. That is not your job, that’s not your call. You are meant to stand aloof, not join any political party but bring the resources that you have been given for the progress of the nation. This you do through radio, T.V or writing activities and trying to motivate as many people to corruption free society as much as possible. There are those who have joined them in government and today many of them are regretting. Even those who have joined and find that they have not become spokesmen for the government and his corruption should quickly resign. Tai Solarin did the same back in the 70’s and this is why he still carries some level of respect. He was made the chairman of the people’s bank, but when he discovered that there were so many corruptions within it, he sent a list to the then minister of finance who was meant to persecute some 4 or 5 board members of the people’s bank at that time. When Tai Solarin wrote to the minister then who was Alhaji Alhaji and he refused to persecute these culprits, Tai Solarin inadvertently resigned without even the consent of the minister at that time. What some government often does is to try to give you a position of responsibility to somebody who is very critical of them in their government. A very stunts, focused, public advocate and activist should never get involved at all otherwise he would fail in his role as a society changer.

What would be most important to him is that he would have lost his vision, his enthusiasm, his glory and finally his happiness. This is why you mustn’t join them. You must stand, watch what is going on in the society and try to make an impact. Don’t follow this culture of well I’ve tried my best, I’m just in the minority, there’s nothing I can do, I’m the only one who is saying this or why is everybody not saying the same?. Then you begin to feel as if something is wrong with you, that you are mentally derailed. Infact there are those who will tell you that, then you have a goal, you have a vision, you have a dream of a new Nigeria, of a better Nigeria for our people and for the future of the country. This is where I belong. I personally don’t have any stake in this country. My family, children and grandchildren are American citizens. I’m a senior citizen in the United States and I’m entitled to pension for the rest of my life. There is free medical, I have houses in New York, but I have a call upon me to change the society, to help and to contribute my quota. This is a mission and I think there are thousands of people across this country from the East, West, North and South who are in this category. Don’t give up, don’t join them, begin to do what you believe you are called to do, the goal of your life and you can maintain your joy and happiness in all these if you keep to them to the end.