It’s one way by which corruption is propagated one way or the other in Nigeria. A normal human being who thinks right should live his life for himself or herself. You have one life and that life belongs only to you. Then when you try to copy others or impress them, then you find yourself in the soup of corruption. A typical Nigerian erroneously lives his life for others. You want to have a ceremony and you want to impress others, then you would go and be corrupt. If you decide that well your life belong to you, you run your life the way God wants you to do it. Then you find less and less corruption because you don’t want to make unnecessary impression on others. Then it’s a sign of hypocrisy to actually live above your means which is what you’ve been doing. Every Nigerian should be able to cut his coat according to his size. You know how much income you are making, regardless of how small or how big, it’s going to be enough if you actually follow due process and cut your coat according to your size. In our world, no money is enough for nobody. If you have a billion naira today, there are things that are calling to buy, to purchase, to spend upon. If somebody with thirty thousand naira, twenty thousand naira can still do something significant if invariably he cuts his cloth according to his size and he’s not trying to impress somebody.

You shouldn’t do things because others are doing it. This is what makes you a human being. You have a will. You have a determination and you are not letting somebody dictate your life for you. It is this dictation that well this is what everybody is doing and I have to do it that causes a lot of corruption. It makes people do evil things which is not stemmed down or up by religious beliefs. You would have thought that Christianity would have made so much impact on this country especially knowing the number of churches that are springing up day by day, but yet this wrong values and ideas of trying to look big before others is a corruption leading culture.

The solution is very simple. Take back your dignity. The fact that your life is yours given by God. Don’t run and ruin your life because of somebody else. Don’t try to impress anybody. Try to impress yourself and God. Don’t compare yourself with others, compare yourself with you. In this way, you can be free and that is liberty. Liberty is when you are able to make your decisions, take steps that you believe is good for you, rather than looking at other parameters of parent, family, children and many many others in other that you would not step on their toes or that they would have good impression about you. Notice one great fact of life, you can never please anyone and if you try to displease yourself, then you displease yourself as well as not been able to please them. The first thing is really to find a way to please yourself, to be happy within yourself, to be impressed by yourself, to focus your own personal achievement rather than others. In that way you are free, in that way you are liberated.

This culture of what would somebody say, what would he think about me is what is causing corruption. It makes you do things to impress people; it makes you want to create a name for yourself. Imagine somebody who wants to have a ceremony, then people run to him and tell him when you are a big person, the whole world has to know. Will you ever be able to impress the world? If you kill 20 goats, ram or cows, you can’t impress them. Infact at the end you are going to make more enemies. So your best option is to look at yourself, look at your purse and never expect some necessary help from other people because this is going to create further corruption for you. Many times people having a ceremony would get goats and rice and all the food on credit. This is madness. When I say madness, I mean real madness because it’s only a mad person who would behave in that way. Whatever you can afford, just afford it, thank God for it and go your own way. You might just be happy and receive the glory for ten hours for that particular day and that is even if it’s up to ten hours. By the following day you are in debt. Now you want to make a way for it, you want to steal, you want to cheat people, you want to find other people’s money in other to make up for what you have lost. Don’t try to impress anybody otherwise there is no way you would not continue in this culture of corruption.