- Mark donated the church to his community Oturkpo in Benue state - The former Senate president said he will serve God and humanity for the rest of his life Nigeria’s former Senate president David Mark has built a church on behalf of his community, Oturkpo, in Benue state.

According to a report, the 3,000-seat capacity building for St. Augustine Catholic Church would be formally dedicated on Saturday, January 13. Mark said: ''I am fulfilled and humbled because God has used me as an instrument for the realization of this church.

''“I thank the Almighty God for his faithfulness, mercy, grace and blessing on me and my family. I can never quantify or measure his kindness and blessing. I will serve God and humanity for the rest of my life.''

Corruption investigation of the former Senate president continues by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as the construction and dedication of the church come up.