By Bishop Anthony Abiodun Mayungbo

A Nigerian was refused an international job due to his nationality, he was good, intelligent, articulate and qualified for the job but he was refused because he is a Nigerian.

Aaron Chukwuemeka, who shared his story on Twitter, narrates that the interview, via Skype, was proceeding smoothly until it got to the stage where he was asked his nationality.

"I responded with all confidence that I hold an African passport, Nigerian to be precise," he said in a Twitter thread.

According to him, once he had mentioned his nationality, the interviewer asked for seconds break. "I am sorry we cannot take your application further because the government/immigration requirements for work visa is only open to South Africa, UK, USA, Canada and Europe," he was shockingly told.
"Immediately my countenance changed, I tried all I could to persuade and possibly offer an alternative," Chukwuemeka sadly says.

He added: "I felt like crying, wishing I hold a dual citizenship. The pay is juicy and the perks that comes with the offer is jaw-dropping. I feel so sad right now."

Many Nigerians have been involved in political thuggery, financial corruption, sex scams, crimes and fraud which have created a bad image about us all over the world.

This is a big disgrace and the most painful side of it is that the innocent ones will take part in the suffering if we don't change our attitude towards fraud, corruption and crimes, this is just the beginning.


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