By: Adewuyi Adegbite

SIR: Yoruba and Africans as a whole lay much emphasis on the imperative of having good elders in the community hence the adage which translated say something like – when the head of a child is wrongly placed, a good elder naturally steps in to put it in position. It is within the context of the above adage that I will like to commend the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for coming out boldly to confront the federal government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Obasanjo accused the president of nepotism, inaction, lack of bite, favoritism and ineptitude. He also thinks that the government has failed in the onerous task of solving myriad of Nigerian socio-economic problems save the war against Boko-Haram insurgency which according to him was well fought but has been replaced by herdsmen’s menace. Obasanjo equally berated Buhari government for lack of understanding of the dynamics of internal politics and economic development. He accused Buhari of abetting corrupt people in his government. He then advised Buhari to shelve his second term ambition while calling on Nigerians to rise up to chart a new course and reject Buhari in the next year president election.

Obasanjo should be commended for his boldness to say truth to power. Unless we would be living in a fool’s paradise, no one can say that it is Uhuru with Nigeria at the moment. Economic hardship, scarcity or high prices of petroleum products, insecurity of lives and properties and so on are what Nigerians are daily grappling with.

Whereas the federal Government is making frantic effort to make things right, it appears the pace with which the government is going is too slow for Nigerians particularly the matter of security which has been exacerbated by Fulani herdsmen’s attacks on farmers in many part of the country.

Having said that, what I find objectionable is his manner of addressing the perceived ineptitude of the administration in public while he has unfettered access to the president. The manner in which Obasanjo opposed successive government while he had the ears of all of them exposes him to charges of playing god over the affairs of the nation. If it is true, as the ex-president said, that he supported Buhari by voting for him in 2015 elections, if he has any axe to grind with it, it should be in private unless he is not given audience which is highly unlikely.

Buhari is advised to take Obasanjo’s excoriation in good faith as a price to pay as a patriotic leader but he should make adjustments where necessary for the sake of the nation and leave his reelection in the hands of God and Nigerians to decide when time comes.