By Bishop Anthony Abiodun Mayungbo

The sum of $460m was approved for installation of CCTV camera in Abuja, the project failed in the Federal capital Territory. Similar issues are traceable to all former presidents but there have been no standing trial or prosecution by EFCC.

The Chairman of the committee, James Faleke (APC-Lagos), at a budget defence session with the ministry on Thursday in Abuja, said there was a need for Nigerians to get value for monies paid.

“Before this administration, we collected some loans and the one that strikes me the most is the 460 million dollars for CCTV installation in Abuja.

“I want to know the position of this loan, I am sure we are paying back but the CCTV is not working.

“Any time we take loan from China, the Chinese will come and do the job, they will bring all their equipment, the personnel and the goods and yet we do not have value for the money, especially that of the CCTV.

“Where are we? I need you to look into it and send us a memo on this particular aspect,” he said.

Responding, the Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, said Nigeria was servicing the loan but she had no explanations on the status of the project.

“We are servicing the loan but on the project, we will have to ask the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Authority because the project was deployed in the FCT, I have no information on the status of the CCTV.

“The conditions of the loans that we take from China always will be that a Chinese company will provide the infrastructure services.