By Bishop Anthony Abiodun Mayungbo

One way to explain the low quality of Nigeria is the fact that there is leadership poverty.

Nigeria as it is today, serves its leaders and not its leaders serving it. If we sum the bogus money spent on the legislators for the jobs they do for less than 150 days a year, for which they collect in one month what some people collect over a life time, it is just indispensable, and this country needs to be restructured towards the benefit and consideration of its people, not its leaders.

There is too much power distance in this country, followers hold these people in too high esteem. Unless the people are educated and they begin to look at issues very well, the nation cannot be transformed. Until we begin to shun these people, we won’t get the kind of leadership we deserve

To come out of these problems, we need resources, skills, and management leadership. These are three principal ingredients of development. When we talk of resources, Nigeria is a blessed country. We have natural mineral resources in abundance. For skills, Nigeria has a lot of skills in various sectors and the population, who are the market.  The management leadership creates the environment in which the two other ingredients can function properly. They do so by creating enabling environment, because there are certain things, which cannot be done on a commercial basis. Management leadership provides the opportunity for e skills to be utilised; it provides the resources to be exploited. Nigeria is suffering because of poor management and poor leadership; people who are not contemporary in their awareness, their perception of the world. We must integrate ourselves into the global community, and that means getting our acts together. We need to get a leadership that is contemporary in its thoughts process and his awareness about Nigeria, vis-a-vis other countries of the world.