This country needs a general over Haul, the story of a Nigerian lecturer sexually harassing an admission seeker is very disturbing, Mr Boniface Igeneghu used to be a former Sub Dean of Faculty of Arts and Pastor of 4Square Gospel Church.

Igbeneghu has been set up by an undercover journalist who disguised as a 17years old admission seeker. Igbeneghu started to tell the girl how beautiful she is and even introduced himself as a pastor, he was caught red handed, the lecturer, Boniface Igbeneghu was caught on video sexually harassing admission seeker October 7, 2019 Adejumo kabir. Mr Igbeneghu described the secret place where lecturers meet to touch students breast at the staff club of the university.They call the place cold room, he said. He then explained that ladies must pay to have good grades. The lecturer was exposed in a 13 minutes video by BBC Africa. The investigation is part of a broader one that uncovers the sex for grade crises in West African Universities.

After responding, the lecturer started commenting on her appearance.
“Dont you know you are a beautiful girl? Do you know I am a pastor and I am in my 50s but if I want a girl of 17 years, all I need is a sweet tongue and put some money, he said.

People who are meant to provide protection for Nigerian women are the once who abuse them sexually. This kind of person does not have to be in any educational system in Nigeria, talk less of been a pastor under any ministry. He should be locked up in jail.

All kind of sexual harassment not only in the University but in all areas of Nigeria women life must be investigated and punished. Young Nigeria ladies should have a place where they can report documented information on any form of sexual harassment. The police should parade such people if really caught to server as examples to others.


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