Nigerian’s debt profile is so critical that debts has now exceeded revenue, all the 36states in Nigeria are now on borrowed money to pay salaries, whereas most of the money is been squandered on unworthy projects at the expense of the masses. We are now debt inflicted nation and the leaders of the country are enjoying it because its totally free money for them and their families.

With the EFCC and ICPC at the trail of past Nigeria officials, I have a feeling that it will be more difficult to catch the political rogues, these agencies might have no work to do any longer because this rogues will not leave a paper trail. So the agencies must find new ways to catch them. Nigerians may not be smart but they are corruption smart, they know what to do, a Nigerian banker in London was secretly deducting one penny from people at every transactions he runs for them but was caught many years after he started this corrupt practices.

Nigeria federal government and state leaders go to china or world bank not because they love Nigerians and want to do anything with the money, they sincerely believe that if they actually went to borrow this money, they have the right to spend it the way they want.

Here is what to do: Nigerians should demand from the federal government or state government how a particular amount of money was spent. Every state should have a financial reporting website where information about its financial state should could be obtained, they are not doing this at the moment because there is no transparency. The EFCC and ICPC should daily report on their website money and properties obtained, where they are located and what the government wants to do, right now Nigerians are in dark about corruption.