By Bishop Anthony Abiodun Mayungbo

Nigeria situation is a pathetic one as far as our doctors are concerned. Over 40 doctors have been kidnapped in Nigeria in the past 2years. In some states some of them are still held captive while some have died in the custody of their kidnappers despite the requested ransom being paid.

The president of NMA has lamented the neglect of Nigeria government which has made many people to leave the country and more are willing to leave at the slightest opportunity.

The cost of training a Doctor exorbitant both in terms of cost, finances and the brain. After all have been sacrificed to become a practicing doctor, the government will never create an enabling work environment for them, instead they prefer to travel abroad for medical check up and treatment. By so doing they waste resources.

Since there is always an alternative for medical care abroad, nothing good should be expected within the health sector of this country called Nigeria.

Nigeria leaders should learn from other countries on how they have restructured their health sector which have created confidence in us to run there for treatment.

Nigeria government should have a good salary structure for all medical personnel, good medical equipments at our hospitals and monitoring body.