I’m sure you know what this means. Here is somebody who is very brilliant; he had a first class or a second class upper in his class. You definitely expect him to do well in life. 5, 10 years after you see him, he hasn’t become nothing, he has no money, he has no car, he has no house, perhaps he couldn’t even get married and you wonder what’s going on. This country has very brilliant and intelligent people. If this same man sees somebody with whom he had attended secondary school, and he suddenly becomes a politician and he’s the secretary or somebody in the local government. Now he has seven cars, five houses. The impression this immediately creates is that it tells the brilliant first class candidate that is very stupid then the intelligence begin to dull. The mentality begins to go down the drain. All these enthusiasm about changing the nation and succeeding in life goes down the drain. Then he now divert his attention, his brilliance, his intelligence, his education into crime and such people can do better crime because they are very smart people. This is why we have so many criminals as our politicians today. They can cook any paper, they can change anything. What do we do about this? The young people in this country must know that things would not continue like this. I know you are discouraged, you are delusion but don’t be despaired. As we begin to think of changing this nation, I want you to know that everybody who has stolen one thing or the other from Abacha to Babangida to Obasanjo to anybody, would someday somehow pay the price. We don’t know exactly how this price is going to be paid but don’t think that that is the end of it all. Sometimes, somebody may come in here, a boy who is probably ten - fifteen years old now and he comes to deal with all these people without mincing words. I’ve seen this happen in cultures, in society. I have known that it can happen, I believe it can happen. Don’t think the people you see are getting away with everything. You see a former governor, he has fifty houses and people give him different chieftaincy titles. Suddenly, the government has a small kangaroo court, they simply says that he’s exonerated, he hasn’t stole any money, when even a blind knows that he has stole so much money. The good news is that this people, all of them by the law of sowing and reaping would never go scot free. But while you are still thinking of that, begin to sharpen your brain. I know this is very difficult but you can continue to read, to study and then try to use your brain in a more productive way. Ask yourself in this Nigerian situation what can I do? Is there any honest way by which I could make money? If you keep sitting down and waiting until you are going to eat it somewhere just suddenly, you are not acting like an intelligent person. Everybody knows that sheep come sheep go. You need to work very hard and at the end you would be rewarded.
Right now what you need to do is to not allow the problems of this nation to give you a set back. I know you are hurting, you are angry, you are frustrated. Before you got admission, you had a good expectation; you hope that thing would be well. Now you’ve been a graduate for 3 – 4 years no job. Some of you end up teaching in a nursery and primary school with a degree and you are paid some money that you can’t even speak out. That is not the end of your life, there is still hope for you. As we begin to fight corruption together, both in your way, in my way and in the ways of other people, the change that we want for this country would come.