I know many of you are depressed right now because you don’t even see a hope for the country anywhere. It doesn’t seems to come, it doesn’t show up in the orison. But this is not very true. The situation is not as glooming, as melancholy as it is. Your misery and ordeal and pain can have an end. Things can change very very rapidly. What most of the young people are thinking today is a very terrible one and you cannot blame them. Those of us who are sixty today recognize what Nigeria was many many years ago. In 1960 when Nigeria became independent, we were very happy. Thinking of the future and having all the hopes in the world. Those who are in their fifties and forties now still have a little bit of a hope but looking at the Nigerian situation today, for those in their ten’s, twenty’s and thirty’s, there seems to be nothing coming from the orison. It looks glooming, depressing and sorrowful but this everybody should understand as been created by corrupt acts and this is why as individuals you do not simply say well, because this is what corruption has given me, am just going to make sure that I get the best just out of the corruption. Many young people think well, let me just go, when I get there am going to steal and steal as much as I can because that is the only opportunity that I have. Let’s make a change, don’t contribute to the badness of the society. Don’t destroy the image that you are trying to build. Let’s build more of the future because the future of every Nigerian in this country is at stake.
As I’ve said at the beginning, we don’t want a break. If a world breaks out as a result of corruption, not just corruption from the top or in government, but even at the local level because it trickles down and it goes up too. This is why we must fight corruption together. Even though you are depressed, consider any corrupt practices that you yourself is involved in and let your conscience begin to tell you that that is not good enough. And ofcourse you know that it wasn’t good enough. This is not something you can share with other people, yet as you believe is what the society has presented to you. I know how depressing this can be.
There are young people of 40 years today in Nigeria who has never in their lifetime seen a good society. They can’t even envision a culture where there is no bribe. It is called the Nigerian way. Why do we call that the Nigerian way? It isn’t the Nigerian way, it can’t be the Nigerian ways because while majority of Nigerians get into all these corrupt practices, there are still a few Nigerians who are not involved in all the saddy deals here and there.
You may be depressed but God would help you. All you have to make sure is this, in making an attempt to survive, to feed your family, to send your children to school in a country where the government does virtually nothing for anybody. This is the country where as a result of corruption, you have to get your own water, get your own electricity, construct your own road, virtually everything caused by corruption. In Oyo State many many years ago, the person in charge of the water was my senior in secondary school and then I left for England and he was 2 years my senior in secondary school and he used to punish me in school because he was a deputy senior prefect at that time. Invariably, 2 years later he didn’t get admission here so we met in London, in the same university. While I was studying Biochemistry, he was studying Engineering. Then he came to Nigeria and at a point became the chairman of the water port. While at that time in Oyo State when nobody has water, this man made in those days millions of millions. Only God knows where he is today. He’s probably enjoying his loot and he has made many lives to suffer. I knew this man very very well. Since such cases can be very depressing, but you don’t let this depression cause you to do something stupid, something diabolical. Let’s continue to hope for a change sooner or later. If you are a young person in your twenty or thirty’s, you have another forty – fifty years before you, so don’t ruin any of those long standing years by contributing to any of the corrupt practices that may be thrown at you in this very bad situation.