The nations that work against corruption are not stupid. The leader of such nations does everything possible to punish anyone and those who violates the rules of the game of leadership. We may not have that kind of infrastructure or the political power to do so, yet we must know that the poverty of the nation is not created by any other thing other than the corrupt practices of a citizen. A few years ago a preacher came from abroad and he went to a church where he saw how Nigerians pray for blessing. He started wondering with the aggression, the intensity and the energy with which the people are calling upon God for blessings and prosperity. This man was worried and he told them this country doesn’t have to pray for prosperity. Nigeria doesn’t have to pray for blessing. The blessing he beliefs have already been given by God. So according to him is no use calling upon God for what he has bestowed rather he’s the ability to manage and use what has been given.
Everybody realizes that this country is mightily blessed. If you can stop corruption in which everybody takes responsibility for the corruption instead of merely saying that it’s the leaders that are the major culprit, then the nation can change. Nigeria has no reason to be a poor country. If we manage the resources very well, every Nigerian can be rich. We had recently 49.6 billion dollars which was not remitted to the covers of the Nigerians government. I took my calculator and I found that if the money were to be equally distributed to 160 million Nigerians, everybody would have at least 5 million naira of that money. If corruption was not here, everybody would have what belongs to him or to her. When you are in a country like the United States, at the age of 62 you have an entitlement to take some pension. If at the age of 62, 65 or even 70 you decide not to take it, if you know reach the age of 90 and you want this money given to you, don’t be surprised that this money would still be available because nobody would have stolen it from you. This is the truth of the matter that if there is no dishonesty, everybody can have what belongs to him. The poverty is created by the corruption and the way to remove poverty is to remove corruption. Individuals must think of areas where you as a person are corrupt. It’s a matter of everybody doing his own part rather than putting the blame on someone. The issue of corruption is that it’s in different phases. If the trader on the street is not corrupt and the manager in the office is not corrupt and the students in the school are not corrupt and the lecturers in the universities are not corrupt. If you bring all these things together you’ll find a very great effect, a positive effect on the sync of the nation. People would not begin in dignity of labour. People would want to work hard because they know that at the end they are going to get something from it. This is what you all need to do. As far as the government is concern, there must be pressure group in the country who would always monitor the government and make sure they do the right thing. Today we have EFCC and other organizations set up by the corrupt government. This is exactly why these things are not working. A corrupt government cannot stop corruption; he would only pay lip service to it. The people to monitor the corruption in the nation should be independent, they should never be controlled by the government.