When there is corruption, one group of people would feel marginalized. This is exactly what is happening here and continuing in that situation can be very devastating. Many people within the Nigerian nation have endured some ethnic problems but it’s becoming too difficult to bear. If everybody is treated equally, nobody would feel odd. There are those who think Nigeria doesn’t even belong to other people. Yet, either by the act of God or by the act of the British people have been brought together as a nation, perhaps it was a mistake in the first place but you can turn this mistake into God’s miracle for Nigeria. There is power in numbers, if we all work very hard and get along very well, we can impact the world. But the way it is today, our existence is at risk. It might be difficult, some are deciding to leave the country i.e not to be part of the country. Like I said you don’t know the outcome of that. Currently we see what’s happening in Rwanda and Sudan. There are nations in Europe or Asian that had broken like that without much problems. But obviously Africa is a different bull gain….. all together and no man can predict such an outcome. So why don’t we fight corruption together so that we can create a society where everybody would feel a part, would feel important, would feel necessary and would feel that they have something to contribute to the society. People have been talking of patriotism but it is very difficult to be patriotic in this setting. So what’s the solution to that? Know that if Nigeria breaks, you are not secured. I am not secured. Everybody is not secured. Your children are not secured. Even if you are not interested in trying to work towards removing corruption from the country, think of our existence; look at it like a motivation that can help you to adjust your lifestyle. Whenever we talk about fighting corruption, we need to make some changes. Fighting corruption would cause you and I something. It might mean cutting your coat according to your size. It might mean not doing something you are doing before. In essence, it means come sacrifices on every man’s part. It might mean some inconveniency in some area because it’s really a mind change and a mind change and a life time change. We’ve been used to a particular way of living, grafts, corruption, bribery, cheating in exam, getting things that doesn’t belong to you, stealing in a place of work. This can change with individual. We are the individuals that make up Nigeria. If we decide, you and I make the changes hen this things can go from bottom up, then if those on the up there feel that something is going to happen to them or their children, then they would also be able to do something. But both young, old, poor and rich must know that our corporate existence is most important. We don’t want war, we don’t want destruction.
……..there was an ethnic conflict. People died so much that if you went to the river and pick a bowl of some substance, you are carrying human body. It was estimated that almost a million people were killed. That destroys the dignity of the African value and yet we are so valuable, we are so intelligent so we can do this if we all set our minds upon it. We should let the uneducated people know, hear and do. We should take it to the grass root so that everybody can be a part and we can change the psyche of this nation.