EFCC has just told us again that corruption is Nigeria’s biggest problem yet the EFCC and ICPC throw this statement on our faces as if we don’t know it already. It’s like telling Nigerians that they are poor when its clearly seen that poverty is everywhere every day. Its not telling us about the problem we all already know but what should be put in place to solve this corruption problem.

The first step in fighting corruption is informing people about the dangers of corruption, this information must go to the grass root. The EFCC is fighting corruption at the top which is good but the corruption at the bottom is far greater than that, what of the market women, teachers in all our educational levels, every Nigerians must be educated on the effects of corruption. Some Nigerians don’t even know if EFCC or ICPC exist, they need to know alongside with their functions. Only few people are at the top, although their corrupt activities affect us but if they are not encouraged, it will go a long way in fighting corruption, also effects of corruption as a subject should be added to our schools curriculum inorder to change this mindset of our children towards corrupt activities.

he Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has said that corruption remains the biggest challenge in Nigeria and not leadership.

Head of Uyo Zonal Office, Theresa Nwosu, said during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday. She explained that the EFCC had put all hands on deck to ensure the eradication of corruption in order for Nigeria to succeed.

She said, “You heard Mr President sometimes ago when he said that if we don’t kill corruption, it will kill the nation, that is how bad it is. “Every Nigerian knows that the problem we have in Nigeria today is corruption and whether this corruption wants to die or not, we will kill it.

“Although, many still see the activities of the commission as a witch-hunt, the big question is if you have classified EFCC as witch-hunters, why do you still make yourself a witch for EFCC to hunt?

“There is no innocent person that has been convicted, even though EFCC is not the judiciary that do the convictions. “It is important to state that every Nigerian must get involved if we must succeed in killing this hydra headed monster as it has permeated our lives.”