At the hem of our fears of corruption is this culture in which a typical Nigerian wants things instantly. A man wakes up in the morning and thinks that he’s going out and he could become a millionaire just that very day. The church also is encouraging these atrocities of corruption by praying for people in such forms as get instant miracle, get immediate breakthrough, get uncommon breakthrough, get 99hour breakthrough, ….in a jobless situation. Some pastors are so corrupt that they are the ones encouraging people to have this high expectation. How does a man wake up in the morning and think that that day he’s to be a millionaire? First, it’s contrary to the nature. Second, it’s contrary to common sense and thirdly, God never promises this kind of thing. What God said in motion when He created the universe is the law of sowing and reaping. You sow and you go to the farm you see that you don’t begin to reap the same day you sow, it takes time, it takes effort, it takes patient. This instancy is a major culture that leads to corruption.

You would not blame a young person who thinks along that line, because he has never seen hard work been rewarded. Most of the people that had been in government have been so dishonest that when they leave, they are not indicted on any offence, and they don’t districts with pride and even new chieftaincy titles. This is really one of the things that must stop in this country.


All young people should know that those things are just like lotto. They are games, they don’t happen. You might find it in a few people in government because someone becomes a local government chairman or something and them he begins to have cars and cars. A lot of people are actually carried away by this. They think along this line and the poverty increases day by day because it’s never forth coming. And because also there is no justice against such people. The hearts of other people are set on mischief. I need to remind everyone that the fact that somebody has been in government and he has stole hundred to 1 billion billions and he wasn’t punished now does not mean that in the future he’s not going to be punished. He would be punished. According to God’s law, he has to be punished. The person who is going to punish him may still be 5 years old now, but let everybody know that sooner or later people would pay for every sin they have committed. This is why we must not be carried away by this instancy. If something comes so cheap, it’s going to be lost so cheap. You see how politicians spend money. Nothing is more responsible for their fraglant spending; it’s just that the way they got this money. A responsible business man spends responsibly. Don’t let this be an issue to you, don’t look at this people. Young people should look inward to themselves, you should look at some of the things you can do. You should try and start small and then grow up from there. Nothing in this world is instant. America has instant food and those are junks, they kill very fast. Anything that comes in so fast kills so fast. Anything money that comes so fast destroys so fast. We need to change this culture of: oh! He’s going to make it overnight. I know it’s been asych …. Since it’s been there for a long time, but it’s high time we change this thinking. Let’s have a new mindset, a mindset of diligence, hardwork, suffering before enjoyment. These are the appropriate mindset that would help us to curb poverty and corruption. It is because of this instancy that a lot of people pray and then instead of doing their job when they are at work, they start looking for the fulfillment or the answer to their prayers on a particular day. This is wrong, this is contrary to God’s law and this is contrary to God’s will. That kind of culture must change.