Nigeria looks like a chaotic country, when you come down and look at the structure. Then you think is this a country? What kind of people are these? Everything is just in disarraying, it’s like its upside down, there is no structure. There is no structure because the rules are not been followed and the rules are not been enforced. If you make rules, you’ve got to enforce them so that somebody who is coming whether is young and old would know that these are the rules. This is why you must change this culture in our personal private lives and in all the things that we are doing.

A driver was driving me to my house one day and I was stopped by a police woman and I waited, because you got to accord the respect to the police officer, that’s her job. She’s meant to maintain the law for us. Then she asked to see my papers, the vehicle papers. A few of them were available but most of them were not because they were not current. So I told the police woman to arrest my driver, take him to the police station and put him in the cell. Then one of my workers was coming and he saw that a policed woman had arrested us and he started to insult the police officer; ‘didn’t you know who this man is? Why are you doing that?’. And I told the police woman and said: thank you woman, you are doing a good job, could you please arrest this one also and take the two of them to the police station and lock them up? Then she asked why and I said; well, they are guilty because they are supposed to have taken these papers. So I got out of the car and I even told the police woman to take the car with her because that’s the car that didn’t have the paper and I asked her to get me a taxi that would take me to my house. She was shocked, and I just got out of the car, trying to waive a taxi that would take me. She said no sir, you are an elderly person, please come in and sit. This is the kind of thing that is ruining this country. If an elderly person does something wrong, he supposed to get punished, then the younger generation would look at it and then they would learn. You let an elderly person go and then the young person who is a criminal is going to look at you and say well, when I become elderly, I could do anything. You are sending a signal, you are preaching a message, you are making a point and this is what we mustn’t do in that negative passion.