This is another aspect of the culture that has been passed on from generation to generation which has been eroding the Nigerian value and creating more and more corruption. Every culture in the world has respect for his elders and old men should be respected, should be cared for. But the way it has come in our culture has led to so much corruption. Here is how this happens: an elderly man does something wrong, he’s arrested by the police. The police asked him; how old are you sir? He said am 65 or am 70. He said ‘oh! You are an old man, please don’t do that again’. What has age got to do with crime? Crime is committed at any age; a man of 20 or hundred could commit crime. When he commits such a crime, there should be no respect for somebody who commits a crime because the crime he has committed caused him to lose all the elderly respect that he should be given and this is what is happening in this society. The older people get away with so many things because of their age. Oh! He’s an old man. Oh! She’s an old woman. That’s nonsense, it makes no sense. If a 70 year old man commits a crime, then he supposed to go to jail and die there because there is a law of sowing and reaping. When you do something wrong, you are going to pay a price for it. Corruption is growing because people know that poor or not, this is an old man he’s going to get away with it. an old man or woman who commits a crime has lost the respect so he shouldn’t be accorded the respect that is due to an old responsible man. Part of this culture also that must change is when they tell you that an elderly person does not confess or does not say sorry to a younger person. To me this is nonsense. You have a child and you do something wrong, you should be able to apologize to your child. This is just common sense. You are not perfect, no matter how old you are, you are still prone to mistakes. therefore, a culture where you say: oh! An elderly person does not apologize to a younger one is one of the creators of corruption and we must try to change this in our own private lives. Mothers and fathers should be able to call their children, recognizing that they have done something wrong and tell them; kids, am sorry, I offended you. I think that maturity, that is eldership, that is leadership that is good parenting that would not lead to a culture or corruption in the future. Many elderly person do things with impurity in this country. They feel that, well they are old enough, but if somebody is old enough to commit a crime, then he should be old enough to receive the punishment for that crime. This is how society grows, this is how societies are organized.