Mr Ibrahim Magu the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, stated on Thursday in Lagos that the agency is planning to rehabilitate young people who are engaged in Internet fraud, popularly known as Yahoo boys.

Magu mention this while delivering a paper titled, ‘Strategic change administration and innovation to curb corruption in Nigeria,’ at the third All Administrators National Conference of the Chartered Institute of Administration

According to him, Internet fraudsters could be useful to the agency in future.

He also urged the CIA to collaborate with the agency in the fight by making sure that they administer their affairs in a corruption-free manner.

He also called on civil organisations and members of the public to report cases of corruption to the agency.

The question is why do these virile, versatile Nigerians became fraud stars in the first place?,  Poverty and a bleak future are the main reasons. Many graduates in Nigeria have become Hawkers, Bus drivers, truck pushers,  and so many are unemployed. The only option that seems left for them is fraud.

To rehabilitate these young people which are increasing day by day, the government must create a better future for them by bringing in an enabling environment for productivity.