By Bishop Anthony Abiodun Mayungbo

Corruption in its true colour is a gross violation of human right, it's the major reason why millions of Nigerians are in hardship and helplessness which leads to suicide.

In the past few months, there have been six reported cases of Nigerians committing suicide, and two attempts which we ve heard in the news.

Some Nigerians seem to have resigned themselves to fate, believing there was no option to hold on to, to keep afloat. Things are so difficult in Nigeria today, No job, no money, nothing. Nigeria has turned upside down and everybody is a beggar.

Corruption prevents good governance and encourage misappropriation of public funds, stiffens innovation, infrastructure development and investments.

Corruption and impunity becomes widespread when accountability is disregarded. This happens when people get away with all manner of questionable things and nobody checks them.

Corruption is the major reason why many children in Nigeria cannot go to school, bad health standards, unemployment, salaries not paid for month, lack of infrastructures and so on.

Corruption diverts public resources thereby causing much suffering, deprivation and unnecessary death and sickness in the country.

If we do not kill corruption with the passion it deserves, we cannot achieve structural economic change and development in the Country.