During the UNGA meeting Last week, President Muhammadu Buhari was asked a direct question concerning Nigeria youths, Mr President created some confusion in the country with the response he gave to the question.

Mr President who was seated with four other heads of state, pulled out an already prepared speech and began to read absolutely different answer to what he was asked.

He started talking about climate, water sector, energy sector,  development of shelterbelt across 11 States of the federation, seventy-four million tons of carbon dioxide per annum that will be unlocked through relevant technologies, advocacy and best practices, He also spoke about the Lake Chad basin and so on.

I found that very distasteful that our so called president could not even answer any direct question without reading from somewhere. Similar thing happened at the debate on TV in Nigeria here, we all know the state of mental and auditory health of Muhammadu Buhari, so he can't be totally blamed for that.

His act of incompetence is taking the country hostage and he still wants to remain there even though he can't keep up with his duties.

Corruption always breed future corruption, there are great Nigerians who have the guts, ability and health to serve better but those corrupt leaders up there won't allow them.

This incompetence has brought on us unemployment, bad roads, bad schools, inadequate electricity and water which has caused us backwardness in development.

By dealing with corruption and incompetence among our leaders, we as a Nation will be saving ourselves from this public embarrassment, raising our standard of living and become respected among other nations of the world.