Bad as this lifestyle maybe, this man may find help in some herbs that reduce consuming sexual appetite. They would need, also, to learn the sex equation which could get them into trouble or keep them away from it.

The Police shocked the nation last week with the news that defilement and rape cases have hit almost 800 in four months, and that some of them were for ritual purposes.

Many of the raped girls were in the age range of four to 15 years. Last Saturday, a pregnant girl aged 15, who had been raped, died of COVID-19 infection.

I considered most absurd, the rape of a pregnant woman by a motorcyclist. She hired him to transport her from one place to another. He diverted their journey into a bush, raped and abandoned her there.

His case was one of those in court. Many public commentators on Nigeria’s growing rape culture have not, in my view, been fair to the men who defile children or rape women, even in marriage.

Like these commentators, I, too, have no hiding place for the rapist. He is a demented, low spirit in communion with the lower phase of existence, and he needs help.

But society does not appear to appreciate this. In the north, it has been suggested that the rapist be castrated. In the south, death by hanging has been suggested.

At present, the rapist faces a long prison term. But will these penalties stop the rape culture from growing when the urge to rape is triggered and remains unchecked? Has public execution of armed robbers stopped armed robbery, banditry, kidnapping and even insurgency? We do not even appreciate that our thoughts and the words we speak could trigger rape thousands of kilometers away from us.

Looking in this direction, will it be out of place to say that women themselves are the foundation of rape? For people who know about the male and female genders or activities in our great universe recognise that  it is not only on earth that the female specie exists.

Christians and Moslems believe in The Book of Revelations. In the book, we learn of  the Queen of Heaven, also called Elizabeth or Mother by some people. We learn that she was with a child and that the Dragon sought to attack them. The reason?

The explanation for this is simple.The Child is an allegorical expression of a  Mission  at its infancy  beside which, as mother, Elizabeth  stands… to tend and to nurture in this  of  period of preparation.

We now know, through revealed knowledge, that this mission was to proclaim the final judgement over the earth. Of course, this would lead to the binding of Lucifer, the Dragon, for the 1,000 years of peace on earth.

The Queen of Heaven or Elizabeth was beside the child and mission. Her role was to care for, and tend this Mission.

It took me quite a while, in the course of trying to understand earth life and existence, to come to terms with the knowledge that the female specie of Creation stands at least half a step above the male specie in any sphere of existence and that, even on earth, women  are psychically stronger than men, and are meant to be “decision makers”, while men are  meant to be implementers of their decisions.

And this is why, in choosing a wife, a man must ensure that he goes with a woman whose decisions and direction in life agree with his. To do otherwise is to sow the seed of commotion and upheavals in the marriage. I do not wish to digress.

I was saying “women” are to be found before “men”in any sphere of existence between the earth and the ultimate home of mankind, paradise, and that they are decision makers. The duty of women is caring and tending.

For people who are familiar with this conception of creation, the female specie, in its caring and tending duty, facilitated the departure (expulsion) of the subconscious human spirit from paradise; and its coming into being on earth as a self conscious being.

The earthly woman mans the last duty post in this marvelous process. In their wombs, Earth women grew the earthly  bodies of all of us, man or woman, and so  suffused us with their radiations  in  caring and tending   that  we become naturally  bound to them as though  through an etheric cord.

Besides, they breast-fed us, protected and nurtured us through the childhood years. As male adults, we found ourselves in the care of women who are not our mothers.

Male adults find the bodies of women charming and magnetic. Such men probably do not know why. And, being still debased, seek to touch women with  unclean hands.

Among those males who had gathered themselves somewhat for spiritual upliftment, there are two ways to see the beauty and charm of the female human body.

First, its refinement shows that the inner being which gave rise to it is of a finer consistency than the male species and, thereby, connects far more readily and easily with higher and finer powers than the opposite gender. This makes her a leader of the twain.

Secondly, her being endowed with charm is to enable every soul gravitate towards her for an onerous duty of leading humanity back home in completion of the cycle begun in paradise.

Many earth-men and earth-women will not appreciate this. Many men rate their value on the number of women they have devoured, while many women employ their gift in coquetry.

Some women are even prepared to walk naked in the streets if society permits them. In Lagos and many capitals of the earth, nudist clubs abound where women overcharge the male sexual battery regularly. The music of today’s generation fares no better.

I have seen mothers and their children at kids birthday parties dance hilariously to music which denigrate the sexual organs of women and even price their cash value to zero naira.

One singer asked: “ what is the price of your …. XXX(secret place)? Local films also contribute to the sexual bashing of a man’s brain. To worsen matters, the social media came upon the land with a devastating sub-gutter culture.

Thus, the average man you see in the street is a bundle of overcharged sexual  energy who is ready to explode at the rarest opportunity. On the way to work, in the office and on the way back home, he is loaded with scenes, thoughts,signs or gestures of sex.

If he is married, he returns home  from work to impact his wife who may not be  ready for him. He cannot understand that the human body, like the soul which helped to form it, is inviolable.

Did he not pay her dowry?  Is she, therefore, not his property? After all, she vowed at the marriage registry…. with my body I thee worship”.

Often, some husbands take their wives by force, with these thoughts and questions ringing in their heads. I have helped to resolve some marital disputes in which the couples were schooled to learn that it is possible for a husband to rape his wife.

Besides, though legally married, they might be committing adultery if they conjugate  without inward harmony and  justification for it. Probably rejected at home for one reason or another, some men end up in brothels.

Some are afraid of contracting diseases or do not wish to devalue themselves to brothel- prostitute life. So, they find girl friends who, for whatever reason, take them on.

Where there may be no money to keep such relationships going is when, I believe, such men  resort to “small” girls.

Small amounts of cash bowl these girls over, and the day there’s no cash, they may be raped if they refuse to consent. But there are some men who do not set out to rape a woman they are in bed with.

Many men stupidly believe many Nigerian women are pretenders who say “No” when, actually, they are all flaming and roaring to go.

Such men believe these women want them to give such little push as would make it appear they yielded only to force.

In such cases of misreading of the mind, the woman cries wolf afterwards, even decades after. In all of this, it should be evident that earth woman has trifled with or abandoned her calling to “bring humanity back home”.

She is leading the way downhill, and weak man is following. He finds it convenient to not   remember that he can pull back and refuse to journey with her.

And when the chips are down, he is the one society castigates, hounds and sends to jail as a sexually insane person or an animal in human body.

Society expects him to not put his fingers in fire if a woman asked him to do so. That is right. It shows he neglected to employ his FREE WILL to free himself from her.

Where something happens between him and the woman  who tormented him with near bare breasts and buttock mounds freely viewed, it is entirely his fault.

For he has, reserved in him, the power to pull away from the brink and, in  his hands, he has the simple sex equation  he can always dismantle if he does not wish to run wild.


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