We have always known president Buhari to be very slow and this is not unexpected of a 75yrs old man, People of that age are generally known to be slow and some of them are even very slow, its indicates that our president is a very old man, however when it come to the issue of sanctions by the US, we see a president who suddenly is alive to his responsibility taking immediate action. This is quite commendable.

The US immigration has just placed a temporary ban on some persons and the president is on top of it to quickly swing into action by setting up a committee to look into the issue and solve the problem. The US government has its own standard of which Nigerians and some other countries are in violation, usually they are called deficiencies and when such deficiencies are corrected, the violation is removed.

We only hope that this case will be such that Nigerians will do the right thing by providing the necessary approval on terrorism to the US government. The travel restriction is for those who are migrating to the US, they are of more concern to the government because they could easily blend into the system to do havoc if they are allowed in. Nigeria government is not providing a comprehensive data base for this programs.

We hope that President Buhari will wake up to his responsibility and hopefully government will do the right thing before its affects those of us having pending immigrant interest as far as our love are in America.