This is also a culture I think that would have to die with time but meanwhile it’s doing a lot of damage to the saike…. of the country and encouraging corruption. I am not again somebody been a chief, that is his business and am not against anybody been an oba, that is his business. The question you must ask yourself in this country is that: how many oba’s do we have in Nigeria. Virtually every village has an oba. And the government seems to be responsible to this oba’s for doing nothing so governors and presidents have to pay homage to them and they are costing so much money to the Nigerian Government so that they don’t even have money to do other things. Money that should be used in construction roads, creating jobs and helping the poor is been given to this Oba’s who are stingingly rich because they have taken advantage (not all of them but many of them) of the people. They themselves are very corrupt so much that the confiscate women like cars and materials. This is one of the clematis of corrupt practices in this country and you must stop this.

It’s surprising that any government can be involved in all these corruption so to say. A governor or a president has responsibilities to all the people. He doesn’t have responsibility to one small click of people in a nation. I wrote that this was part of our culture from the onset but the world has changed. Even in England, there is a lot of things that they want to change about the queen because they know that the queen of England is costing them so much. We have so many queens and kings in this country. Meet a Nigerian coming from some parts of the country, she’s a princess, he’s a prince. That means there is an Oba connected to that family. What is government’s business with that? If somebody is going to be an Oba, let him be an Oba in his house. Make him sit in his house, let him rule his house. Everybody is an Oba in his house if you are a father, you are the Oba in the house. If you are the mother, you are the queen in the house. This is what it should be. Of course anybody could decide to be anything as long as the task payer’s money is not been used for this small group of people. Then the corruption would be abated. Don’t misunderstand me, we shouldn’t disrespect our Oba’s. They are our royal fathers, they are our elders and then they have the good things that they are doing in the society. But what am saying is, the idea is outdated, it’s barbaric, it’s costly and it’s corrupt. They should contribute their money to the society rather than taking from the society and this is very important because if we are to stop corruption, then we must free enough money for the good of the country. This is a country where 85 – 90% of the income is been used on salaries. Salaries to the Oba’s, salaries to the pilgrim welfare board, salaries to buy aircrafts to take them on pilgrimage. This is where this money is going because of this corruption. We need to change this and the youths of this country should let the government know that these kinds of beings are no longer acceptable in the year 2014/2015. Let’s move ahead.